"I can of myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just,
because I do not seek my own will but the will of the Father who sent me. " John 5:30


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For sure God is moving in the Netherlands and Germany. As we draw closer to our Lord's return the Nations are raging, yet Yeshua's Love remains the same. We were blessed to return to the Netherlands and Germany after 13 years to preach in churches that we have known for years and love. We saw many salvations, healings, and deliverances during our trip. Autumn's life was changed forever as she also ministered a few minutes in each church, sharing about how God blessed her and took her out of China, and gave her parents. Here is the video:

You can see all of my preaching at Revival Impact Center by going to our media page. Gerald ministered in the drums, playing and teaching warfare drums in some of the services. If you have never heard him he is quite anointed. Here is a small video sample:

In Frankfurt, Germany I went to visit the house my family was born in, and there were two stones at the entrance that had the names of two of my family members that died in the Holocaust. It was a touching moment for me. I Thank God that my mother and immediate family escaped or I would have never been born.

I also met with an important evangelical minister in Frankfurt and spoke about the rising anti-Semitism and his response was "God will take care of the Jews." This is the same type of disregard in the Church that was prior to and during WW II. My heart broke to hear this. The bible says that there will be fishers and then the hunters. There needs to be hearts open to help again should the time come. This is one of my main prophetic messages on "Ruth and Orpah" (see my article on the website called "A Church of Ruths.) Seems the Church is asleep to this all over the world.

I ministered to a number of Muslims, and they were very open. Amazingly enough I had the privilege of leading a Muslim taxi driver to the Lord the last day in Germany as he drove us to the airport. I believe The Lord has allowed many of them to escape to Europe to get saved in an end time revival.

There were many divine appointments and close ministry friendships restored after many years, which we were so happy to connect with again. Our hearts are still there, and we are praying that The Lord will make a way for us to return soon. Most churches fund missionaries that usually go to Africa, India, China, etc. Europe, particularly The Netherlands and Germany have not been considered a mission field, but for sure it is now. This missions trip was funded by our own ministry, and I thank God that we had the finances available.

Please consider becoming a partner with our ministry, as we continue to preach the Gospel overseas and here in the USA. I am an Evangelist and that is my main calling, but another area I am called to is preaching/teaching "The One New Man", teaching the Jewish Roots of our faith, and the Love for Israel and the Jewish People. This is not a popular message, but it truly is God's heartbeat. Pray for us as we continue to bring the Uncompromising Word of The Lord to a lost and dying world. Below are a few pictures of our trip.

Netherlands Photos
Gerald teaching a young Dutch boy drums after church service Susan and Autumn preaching in the Netherlands Going into all the world preaching the Gospel. Gerald and Susan with Pastor Gerard from Maranatha Ministries, Amsterdam Two stones at the entrance of the house, family members that died in the Holocaust.
Susan with Pastor Jolanda, Bishop Xiomara from Revival Impact Centre, Amsterdam Susan preaching in the Netherlands Gerald and Susan with Pastors Bernhard and Karin Koch, Rinteln, Germany Frankfurt, Germany the house my family was born in.

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